دنیای عکس
دنیای عکس

Arash Labaf (23 April 1977 in Esfahan-IRAN) - the Persian singer, dancer, entertainer and producer residing in Malmö, Sweden. Arash grew up in Esfahan (An Ancient and Historical city in center of IRAN) and then his family moved to Uppsala, Sweden before moving to Malmö five years later.i



"Travel to India"

Arash is the name of a Persian Hero after whom Arash's parents have called the 31-years old singer. After that Boro-Boro had taken the VIVA-N-Rotation and the Pop MTV2 fresh list in the storm, he shot right away on place 11 of the Germany's charts. Especially the young people stand on the great mixture of oriental atmosphere and super danceable beats, and thus Boro-Boro went not only to the Germany's Airplay charts, but became also on thousands of mobile phones a hit and reached in the Jamba ring tone charts on MTV2 Pop the place 1. And also in the TV of Germany, with "Top of the Pop".

The extremely good-looking Arash cut a fine figure and do the fans to ecstasy.
His first debut album, entitled “ARASH”, was released in June 2005, after he had finished college. His singles, "Boro-Boro" ("Go Away") and "Temptation" (featuring Rebecca Zadig) made it to the hit lists around Europe, and their respective videos garnered significant airplay on more than 20 MTV outlets across the world.
Arash's claim to fame, his hit "Temptation" was collaboration with Swedish singer Rebecca Zadig. Arash had an initial minor hit with the song done solo, but his duo with Rebecca Zadig made him much better known. Rebecca has neither very pretty voice and is from Mexico originally.i



"Rebecca Zadig"

In addition to successes in his home countries' music charts, namely IRAN and Sweden, he has had hits notably in Eastern European and South-East European charts like Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey and in Asian music charts like in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and throughout the @r@b Middle Eastern countries under Persian Gulf.

He has gone gold in 5 countries: Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Greece for his album, entitled ARASH, and in Sweden for "Boro-Boro".

In Kazakhstan Arash played recently for 50,000 eager fans, and especially in Russia, Arash is already a Superstar.  Arash has released a Russian song; "Восточные Сказки" (Vostotchyie Skazki) (featuring Блестящие Blestyashchie), a Russian version of "Temptation", in which he sings in Russian and the Russian version became a big hit in Russian charts. After he has song a Russian version of his second single Temptation, he gave a private concert for the birthday of the mayor of Moscow.  And at the 2006 New Year Night he had appeared with Russian stars, Blestyashchie, together in the biggest Russian show RTR and, besides, had reached 150 million spectators.

A brilliant mixture of Persian sounds and the charming scrolling of the Bollywood style which we already know from the hyper romantic, color-splendid Indian films combine with modern Pop beats and pure earwig melodies. On his first album are, for example, groovy Temptation which mixes useful Euro beats with Persian harmonies and a powerful party hit to mention.i


Arash was born in Esfahan (IRAN), and when his parents gave him the name of a Persian Legend Hero, they maybe anticipated that he would do his luck in the world.i

Music became his life, and his life became the music, up to the day when Arash lost his voice in winter few years ago for inexplicable reasons. The doctors had already given him up, and, in the end, his girlfriend left him in addition, so that Arash drowned his grief with alcohol and worse things. And then the miracle happened; unexpectedly and on a blow his voice came back. “Nobody knows why,” so he tells, “but it happened. I have cried for luck that I thought. “i

In his "dumb" time he had written some songs - one of it was Boro-Boro which became now his big hit and confirms with it. Pursue your dreams, until they become true! Boro-Boro is the resignation song to the friend who had left him at that time.

He executes his songs in Persian language mainly and English.

Another collaboration of Arash was with Persian-Pakistani-Danish singer, Aneela (Anila Mirza) in the hit "Chori-Chori". "Chori-Chori" (September 2006), Aneela and Arash stepped out together on German version The Dome, presenting Chori-Chori.i




The three-way collaboration between Arash / Rebecca Zadig / Aneela in "Bombay Dreams" for a film under the same title.

DJ Alligator (Born on March 10th 1975, in Tehran, IRAN) appeared in Arash's music video for "Music is My Language" as the producer and rapper. The song "Music is My Language", was an appreciate for Persian Language (The official Iranians language) and also a show off for DJ Alligator to introduce himself as an Iranian. (Because before the song "Music is My Language" most people thought that he is originally Danish.)i

"DJ Alligator"

In his 2006 album (Crossfade), Arash, DJ Alligator and Shahkar Bineshpajoo made a song for the Iranian National Football Team for their appearance in the 2006 World Cup.

Arash released in March 2008 his third album, "Donya [The World]" featuring amongst many, a Reggae/Dancehall influenced single and music video "Donya" in collaboration with Shaggy.

In June 2008 Arash released another Russian song "На моря" (Na Morya) featuring Anna Semenovich. This song became number One hit of Summer 2008 in Russia.i


Arash (2005)i

Boro Boro
Tike Tike Kardi
Baskon (feat. Timbuktu)i
Arash (feat. Helena) i
Temptation (feat. Rebecca) i
Bombay Dreams (feat. Aneela and Rebecca) i
Man o Tou
Music is my language (feat. Dj Alligator) i
Ey Yar Begoo (feat. Ebi)i
Tike Tike Kardi (Payami Lounge)i
Temptation (CMN Remix) (feat. Rebecca)i
Boro Boro (Bollywood Cafe Mix)i


Crossfade - The Remix Album (2006)i

Iran Iran (feat. DJ Alligator)
Arash (MintmanRemix)i
Tike Tike Kardi (DJ Aligator Remix)i
Temptation (CMN Remix)i
Man o Tou (Feat Lucia)i
Boro Boro (Payami Funky Sunday Remix)i
Temptation (Russian Version With Blestjashie)i
Arash (feat. Helena - English Version)i
Tike Tike Kardi (Balkan Fanatics Remix)i
Baskon (100% Persian Version)i
Ey Yaar Bego (New Version)i
Boro Boro (Saba Rock Remix)i
Arash (Payami Vocal Club)i
Tike Tike Kardi (Sodaclub Remix)i
Temptation (Payami Club)i
Boro Boro (Feat Aneela Indian Version)i
Baskon (Russian Version Bonus)i


Donya (2008)i

Donya (feat. Shaggy) i
Suddenly (feat. Rebecca) i
Miduni Midunam
Kandi (feat. Lumidee)i
Pure Love (feat. Helena) i
Chori Chori (feat Aneela)i
Joone Man
Doset Nadaram
Dasa Bala (feat. Timbuktu Yag)i
Donya (Payami Break Mix)i

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